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In 2020, I think like everyone I am having to do things differently, thankfully I have taught photography online before. I have also been lecturing online for the University since March when all teaching went online. Have no fear it can be done, and it can be done well. It can also be good fun!

From July I will be teaching 2 types of courses:

Getting to know your Digital SLR and other great shooting skills;

Aimed at adults but I am happy to take children over 14 who can cope with an hour long lesson. 

The course starts on Thursday 2nd July at 7 pm. You will only need your camera (preferably SLR) and its manual equipment wise. We will work through manual shooting and various techniques and tips and take time to share screens as we go and discuss what people are shooting. We will cover ISO, depth of field, aperture, shutter speed etc as well as using available lighting to your advantage and other photography techniques. The course will run 10 weeks and cost £100 in total. You can pay in full or if you prefer pay in 2 monthly installments of £40 in advance and 1 payment of the remaining £20 or pay weekly in advance. Whichever is easier.


Children's Photography Club

Starting on the 2nd July aimed at children ages 8 (please have a think about if your child is suited to a 40 minute Zoom call) to 16.  Running for 10 weeks, classes will take place each Thursday from 2 pm - 2.40 pm. You will need a digital camera of any description, a phone camera would do. You will also need to be able to link into a zoom call with video, for safeguarding reasons I will need to ensure we have participants in the right age group. The course will cover, lighting, framing, the use of colour and reasons why we take some of the photos we do. There will be encouragement to break away from the screen at times and take your own photos to test or practice a point and once established the class will finish with an opportunity to share your screen and show an image you have taken the week before.  The cost of each session is £6 making the total cost of the course £60 you can pay either in full upfront or separate payments of £30 one now to cover July and one on the 1st of August. 

Please note for either course; in these uncertain times that should a specific date need to be cancelled it will be tacked onto the end of the course.

To secure your place on either course please make payment your first payment using PayPal using the link below. Remember to note the participants name and the best email address to send the Zoom link to as well as stating which course you are booking on; please let me know if you are unable to use PayPal.

Workshops 2020

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